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The Last Witch Hunter (English) In Hindi Dubbed Torrent 2021

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The Last Witch Hunter (English) In Hindi Dubbed Torrent 2021

THE LAST WITCH HUNTER is yet another bland and soulless Hollywood blockbuster CGI adventure that looks and feels exactly like SEASON OF THE WITCH, RIPD, MEN IN BLACK, plus at least a dozen others released in the last decade. I think it's a real shame that these films have no distinctiveness or visual style over their own, which renders them instantly forgettable to the viewer.The hulking but oddly bland Vin Diesel stars as an immortal witch hunter who goes around dispatching evil witches with the aid of priest Elijah Wood (wasted in an under-written part). Eventually he comes up against an age-old evil and soon a battle commences which is packed with the usual CGI action: it looks pretty but artificial, lacking depth and believability. Even worse, the child-friendly certificate means that this film's attempts to be genuinely scary fall by the wayside. Imagine this as a hard adult horror packed with violence and gore, and you might have something halfway decent.Films like THE LAST WITCH HUNTER aren't inherently bad, it's just their lack of originality and their contentedness to copy what's come before that gets to me. The most interesting thing about this production are the supporting cast members: Icelandic actor Olafur Darri Olafsson is full of gravitas, Rose Leslie oddly appealing, Joseph Gilgun briefly crazy, Michael Caine typically steadfast, and Julie Engelbrecht makes for the single decent CGI effect. The rest is just loud noise and nonsense that you'll happily forget about mere moments after watching. 1e1e36bf2d


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