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X Art Girls Night Out

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x art girls night out

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Many things, of course, we have in common. Here and in Montana parents are torn between spanking and reasoning with children, Edgar Guest is published in the best newspapers, higher education is motivated largely by scholarship cups and grade systems, college faculties are responsible to boards of practical men, few males have the courage of their cultural convictions, religion is often defended as a beneficent fiction, and hard problems like birth control, girls' smoking and religious prejudice at election time lack all the saving grace of frank discussion. It would be foolish for either the W. G. N. or me to suppose that there is much difference between life in this "natural capitol of the continent" and life in the canyon areas.

It was interesting to learn arithmetic with x's. It was like not having to put a nightdress on. Mother forgot she was punishing me, and taught me pluses and minuses. I learned all my arithmetic out of the algebra. She wouldn't let me touch Teressa's physiology, but I heard the lessons when Teressa recited them, unless mother sent me away. After we were in bed I would whisper, "There are two hundred and eight bones in the human body," to see if Teressa was asleep. If she called mother, she wasn't.

The next night father said, "Why not take Carl with you! It might do the blockhead good. He might even learn to close his mouth." Carl used to hold his mouth open, and father said, "Carl, close your mouth," every time he looked at him. Mother thought Carl couldn't breath well, but father said he kept his mouth open out of inherent

I set the table the first day. Father got up from the table twice, once to get the sugar and once to get the butter. We didn't talk, but we looked at each other and laughed. The second day father told Teressa it was too hard for her to go to school while mother was gone. He called her his son Dick, Richard the Lion-Hearted, and said she could stay out of school until mother came back. I do not remember about meals after that. Teressa got them. At first she cried as soon as father had gone from the house. I milked three cows in the morning and three at night, and the rest of the time I played.

When he started to reach for them the next night, I told him again that I was saving them for mother. I pulled at his coat until he looked at me. He laughed without making any sound, as he sometimes did with Teressa and mother. He said, "Your mother doesn't need any peaches. She hasn't done her duty." I watched him to see what he meant. Everything except the lamp was dark and still. He stopped looking at me and said mother had plenty of fruit where she was, and wouldn't care for peaches; and that a warm shelf was a poor place to keep them. There was only one left.

The next morning there were only two peaches under the tree, and they were the last. There was not one more. The branches were bare, and I could see. I put the two new peaches and the warm one together in the writing desk; but father asked for them that night. I had written mother that there were eleven, and would be more. She asked in every letter how many there were now. I didn't answer.

When mother came home there were things that kept her from asking for the peaches right away. One was that we had gone to the theater the night before she came. We drove eighteen miles to see Enoch Arden, and when we got to the theater the play was Lost in London. I had never been in a theater before, but it seemed as if I had. I liked everything about it, but I was the only one of us who had a good time. Being where people were made Teressa's head ache; and father was disappointed because we weren't seeing Enoch Arden. He had seen Enoch Arden with his wife once, and wanted to see it again. He said, with my wife, and I said, with mother; because I knew that. Teressa hurt me with her elbow and said, "Little idiot!" under her breath. After the theater we waited for the train that mother would come on, but she didn't come. We drove home in the moonlight.

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