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C Language Book In Gujarati Free [Extra Quality] Download

Introducing Silverlight, the HTML5 alternative to Adobe Flash. A new and growing technology that brings rich Internet application development into the browser on a platform that's the same across all devices, regardless of operating system. Silverlight is Microsoft's first attempt to create a new kind of development platform for the web and it has made notable progress in getting developer interest. In this book Damian Wielgosik presents you with a hands-on introduction to the possibilities of building Silverlight applications and explains how they are coded.

C Language Book In Gujarati Free Download

The Internet is changing the way people interact with each other and the way they spend their time. But to realize all the potential of the Web, developers need a solid foundation in the Web technology they're using. HTML5: The Missing Manual is the ideal guide for people who want to learn how to use the most popular Web technologies and what all the buzz is about. It starts with a gentle introduction to HTML5, the foundation of the Web, and builds on that knowledge with information on familiar HTML5 technologies, such as Web Sockets and mobile web-friendly features. The book also covers emerging Web technologies, such as CSS3 and JavaScript.

Xcode 5 offers an agile, integrated, and deeply integrated environment for building and deploying apps for iOS, OS X, and tvOS. Though it contains a lot of user-friendly, professional templates, many apps created with Xcode 5 still need some customization. This book aims to cover Xcode 5's new features by showing how to customize basic UI elements, how to customize built-in templates, and how to use the powerful components in Xcode to accomplish more sophisticated things. These things may include adding custom button bar menus, navigation drawer, tab bar, text, view controllers, and even changing views and even the entire application's look and feel, all without writing any code. In other words, you'll learn how to create a simple custom application in Xcode 5, and as you go through the book, you'll be able to finish some of the more complicated projects. This book is meant to give you a well-rounded look at the new features of Xcode 5 and the newest iOS and OS X technologies, making it the perfect Xcode 5 guide to help you achieve your goals. You'll learn how to create a number of new applications in this book, which includes creating a basic application from scratch, adding user interface elements, customizing existing elements, and creating a universal app.


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