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Raja Shivchatrapati Serial Songs

Raja Shivchatrapati Serial Songs

Raja Shivchatrapati is a historical drama series based on the life and achievements of the legendary Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The series was aired on Star Pravah channel from 2008 to 2010 and was directed by Nitin Chandrakant Desai. The series featured Dr. Amol Kolhe as Shivaji Maharaj, Mrunal Kulkarni as Jijabai, Avinash Narkar as Shahaji, Yatin Karyekar as Aurangzeb, and many other talented actors. The series was praised for its authentic portrayal of the historical events, the grand sets and costumes, the powerful performances, and the inspiring message of courage, patriotism, and self-respect.

Raja Shivchatrapati Serial Songs

One of the most remarkable aspects of the series was its music, composed by the renowned duo Ajay-Atul. The music of the series was a blend of traditional Marathi folk, classical, and western influences, creating a unique and captivating sound. The title song of the series, Raja Shivchatrapati, was sung by Swapnil Murlidhar Barphe and was based on a poem by Kusumagraj. The song describes the glory and greatness of Shivaji Maharaj, comparing him to various mythological figures and animals. The song also invokes the blessings of Goddess Bhavani and Lord Shiva for Shivaji Maharaj. The song has become an anthem for the Marathi people and is often played during various celebrations and festivals.

Another popular song from the series was Jijabai's Dream of Swaraj, sung by Deepali Desai. The song depicts the vision of Jijabai, Shivaji Maharaj's mother, who dreamed of establishing an independent Hindu kingdom in India. The song expresses her determination, devotion, and sacrifice for her son and her cause. The song also reflects the cultural and religious values of the Marathi people, who worship Lord Vitthal and follow the teachings of Sant Tukaram.

The series also featured several background scores and instrumental tracks that enhanced the mood and emotion of the scenes. Some of the notable tracks were Shiv Garjana, Shiv Stuti, Raja Aala, Hirkani, Shodhu Kuthe Raja Ra, etc. The music of the series was widely appreciated by the audience and critics alike and won several awards and accolades.

The songs of Raja Shivchatrapati are not just songs, but a tribute to the legacy of one of the greatest heroes of Indian history. The songs are a source of inspiration, pride, and joy for the Marathi people and all those who admire Shivaji Maharaj.

You can listen to some of the songs from the series here: