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If things go wrong for the chemical/metals transporter, it can cause environmental damage that could be costly in the extreme. Beyond the traditional impacts of accidents, the potential financial consequences could be in the billion dollar range. Considering the recent failure of a major lorry smuggling goods into the UK, we are all aware of how big the potential consequences can be. Anytime a crisis occurs such as this, PSIM can play a pivotal role in mitigating potential risk, damage, and cost.

PSIM enables the user to see it all, from the infrequent, low-risk issues that typically have a low impact, to the high-risk, high-impact issues that can have enormous social and financial consequences. This is because PSIM has an enterprise view of security and it is designed to display the complete picture of all security events in a unified view.

There have been many instances when PSIMs situational awareness provides a warning and a much-needed extra safety window that has enabled us to avoid a risk. Early warning of a hazard/risk, can help provide a window of time to avoid an incident and to plan accordingly. It can also provide a warning of a potential crisis that can have a significant impact.

With PSIM, the capabilities of any given subject and system can be queried to provide an integrated view of the overall security posture. Any type of security system, device, subject, or user can be "tracked" to provide a complete picture of the system. PSIM provides a unified view of all of a site's subject and device information in a unified view.

For the chemical/metals transporter, PSIM can help mitigate risk and damage by providing early warning on critical system safety issues (such as brake defects, mechanical issues, or potential for line blockage) that require action and response by the transporter operator. 3d9ccd7d82


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