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Wii U Virtual Console Games List _HOT_

Wii U Virtual Console Games List >

Wii U Virtual Console Games List _HOT_

These releases take advantage of the console's unique features, such as Off TV Play with the Wii U GamePad and posting to Miiverse. Some of these games may already be available on the Wii Virtual Console, which can also be played through Wii U's Wii Mode, but these legacy versions lack some features of the Wii U Virtual Console. While Wii Virtual Console titles cannot be played using the Wii U GamePad's controls, a September 2013 system update enabled the use of the GamePad's screen as a display. While some Wii games are also available for download from the Wii U eShop, these are not designated as Virtual Console releases and lack Virtual Console features.

The following is a list of the 311 games available on the Virtual Console for the Wii U in North America,[1] sorted by system and in the order they were added in Nintendo eShop. To sort by other columns, click the corresponding icon in the header row.

This is a list of all Virtual Console releases for the Wii U. The Wii U Virtual Console service launched properly on April 23, 2013, and currently supports seven systems. The service began with NES and SNES games at launch, then expanded into Game Boy Advance titles, then with Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS titles. Game systems from other companies are also supported; in Japan titles for the MSX and TurboGrafx-16 (PC Engine) have been released, while in North America only titles for the TurboGrafx-16 have been released. Note that while Nintendo have released Wii retail games for download on the Nintendo eShop, these are not considered to be Virtual Console titles.

I'm glad DuckTales Remastered is mentioned in the comments (and is now added to the list); it's a must. I didn't pick up many Wii U eShop games outside of VC titles, but out of this list I wholeheartedly recommend Tengami and Year Walk.

@ThomasBW84 I was worried that it might have gotten de-listed. Glad to know it's still there! There were quite a few games I discovered to be de-listed as I was going through my wishlist.... mostly from the TG16 library

Yeah they need to do a new NES Remix for Switch (and a SNES Remix while they are at it). I had virtually all of the games in it on VC but it was a lot of fun playing the bite-size chunks and challenges of the games.

I have most of these games....It's been so long that I've forgotten about them until seeing this list. I just ordered a really big sd card and am going to head up to my attic, break out the wii u, and get everything downloaded. Feels like the "real" death of the wii u, and 3ds. I'm going to make sure that I get all of the content that I truly want to play before they shut down.

Well I have twelve of the games in the list. surpised the Two Trine Games where not in the List. I know there still in the EU eshop.And if you buy one I think they offer a discount for the other one. For me though I want to get Captain U as its one of the last games, though there is the new game Nintendo life previewed last Month to come, bit unfair for that developer, as now his game will up for like less than a year.

@dustinprewitt The delisted TG-16 games are pretty much all Irem games (Ninja Spirit, Image Fight 1&2, R-Type, etc.). They were taken off in 2020, I believe, only 2 years after they were offered. I'm not sure if something happened to the company and had to turn over the IPs or if they were just dissatisfied with the sales.

@ElRoberico I went through the list of Wii U and 3DS exclusives and prioritized them. I did this when I first heard of the closure in March. I made a monthly list of about the same sum of money worth of games by a prioritized order of interest.I've gotten down to tier 4 of my list, and it's still dozens of titles. Got some out of the set order during discounts or physical copy availability. In ways I'm ahead of schedule already.

Two games on here I'd strongly second is Nano Assault and Star Fox Guard. Nano Assault is a great shooter and graphically, it looks


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