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Izotope Ozone 4 Mastering Presets Download !!LINK!!

Greg Calbi has mastered over 7,500 albums and worked with artists including The Ramones, The Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, and Lady Gaga. He uses iZotope's critically acclaimed mastering toolkit Ozone on a daily basis. The presets he has designed for his own projects are now available to all Ozone users to help elevate their mixes to professional-sounding masters.

Izotope Ozone 4 Mastering Presets Download

While Ozone is primarily a mastering tool, it can also be used on individual tracks while mixing. Again, there are some excellent presets, and I found the various drum treatments to be particularly impressive. Placed across a stereo drum mix, the degree to which a fairly tame drum track can be turned into a raging rock monster is really impressive and would certainly be worth the CPU hit.

Ozone 4 brings all sorts of efficiencies in terms of workflow and makes things easier for the novice user via the excellent presets and features such as the Macro Faders. However, there is still an awful lot to learn. New DIY mastering engineers should take note, and make sure they do a lot of A/B comparisons to ensure that the processing is not being overcooked. And I'll repeat advice I gave when originally reviewing Ozone back in 2002: download and read the 'Guide To Mastering' PDF that is available from the Izotope web site, because it's excellent.

Two more presets I use all the time are for the Maximizer. I often use more than one limiter, but 19 times out of 20, one of the two following Maximizer presets is in the final slot or two. Again, you can download my presets at the bottom of this article.

Hopefully this has given you some creative ways to think about streamlining your mastering workflow and maximizing your efficiency. Until next time, feel free to download a few of my personal presets, and happy mastering!

Effortlessly get your mixes radio- and streaming-ready with Ozone Elements. With best-in-class processing from Ozone 8, this new mastering plug-in enables you to achieve a full, rich, and loud final master with new assistive technologies like Master Assistant and the legendary Ozone Maximizer. Create your own master or choose from hundreds of presets.

The aforementioned updated preset manager features MacroPresets--a greatest "hits" of preconfigured mastering setups named by the exact sonic issues they address. These presets are ideal starting points--I would get close and then tweak to suit the needs of the particular song(s) I'm mastering.

iZotope Ozone 4 sells for $249.99 MSRP and there are upgrade policies for current customers as well as released an unrestricted, free 10-day trial of the software for newcomers available at: