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International Finance By Imad A Moosa Pdf Free 23 [NEW]

International Finance By Imad A Moosa Pdf Free 23 >>

International Finance By Imad A Moosa Pdf Free 23 [NEW]

Review of International Finance: An Analytical Approach by Imad A. Moosa

International Finance: An Analytical Approach is a textbook by Imad A. Moosa, a professor of finance at RMIT University in Australia. The book provides an overview of global financial markets and instruments from a Pacific Rim perspective, covering topics such as exchange rates, balance of payments, international parity conditions, foreign exchange risk, interest rate risk, currency derivatives, international portfolio management, international capital budgeting, and international banking. The book is suitable for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate courses in international finance, as well as for practitioners and policy makers who want to understand the complexities and challenges of the global financial system.

The book has three main features that distinguish it from other textbooks in the field. First, it adopts an analytical approach that emphasizes the use of models and theories to explain and predict the behavior of financial variables and markets. The book also provides empirical evidence and case studies to support the theoretical arguments and to illustrate the practical applications of the concepts. Second, it integrates international coverage with appropriate discussions of Australia and the regional context throughout. The book reflects the author's extensive experience and knowledge of the Australian and Asian financial markets, as well as his familiarity with the relevant literature and research. Third, it has a clear and engaging writing style that makes the book accessible and interesting to read. The book uses diagrams, tables, graphs, and equations to present the information in a concise and effective way. The book also includes 'Insight' features that provide background information on various topics, and 'Research Findings' that summarize the main results of recent studies.

The book has been significantly updated and revised in its third edition, which was published in 2010. The book incorporates the latest developments and trends in the global financial environment, such as the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, the European sovereign debt crisis, the rise of emerging markets, and the changes in exchange rate regimes and monetary policies. The book also includes new chapters on international financial crises, international monetary reform, and Islamic finance.

In conclusion, International Finance: An Analytical Approach by Imad A. Moosa is a comprehensive and authoritative textbook that covers the essential topics and issues in international finance. The book combines theoretical rigor with empirical relevance and practical application, making it a valuable resource for students, instructors, researchers, and practitioners alike.

The book is organised by starting with the basic concepts, markets, institutions and arrangements before moving on to a description of international financial operations. The book consists of 23 chapters, divided into six parts. Part I introduces the foundations of international finance, such as the balance of payments, the foreign exchange market, and the international parity conditions. Part II deals with the measurement and management of foreign exchange risk, including the use of currency derivatives such as forwards, futures, options, and swaps. Part III covers the topics of interest rate risk and international portfolio management, such as the term structure of interest rates, the international Fisher effect, the international capital asset pricing model, and the currency diversification benefits. Part IV discusses the issues of international capital budgeting and foreign direct investment, such as the net present value rule, the adjusted present value rule, the cost of capital, and the political risk. Part V examines the role and functions of international banking and financial intermediation, such as the Eurocurrency market, t


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