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Resource Cfg File Sims 4

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Resource Cfg File Sims 4

The sliders on the right side of the resource.cfg file are there to allow you to adjust certain options. If you do not see the slider, click on the slider then see it below: You may adjust these from your game's options menu (ESCAPE) which appear as yellow, Resources then ====Resources==== This is the Sims folder where all the 3D content from the mod is located. This is where text files are stored. This is where apartment/lots/house/room files are. If you are copying files from the source (usually a modpack or standalone mod) try to use the 416/618/1000 lists first, unless otherwise instructed in the manual.

If you have implemented interactives (such as interactive scenes, activities, etc.) or you are working on mod specific objects and props (such as custom beds, chairs, etc.), then you will need to adjust these slider settings. Otherwise you can usually just leave these as-is. See the following screenshot for the slider settings:

If you make changes to any of the sliders below, save the file then close it. If you want to make changes to the sliders go to the sliders tab of the sims 3 resources mod, but you can also do this in any mod. You can click in the sims 3 resources mod and do simcityresource.cfg edit. d2c66b5586


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