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Introduction To Materials Management 7th Edition Pdf !!BETTER!! Download

This essay for INFO266 Collection Management started with an open research prompt, with the broad requirement of focusing on an area in collection management. I took a multi-faceted approach by focusing on different approaches to assessing collections in various settings. To begin, I explore the idea that archivists require a diverse skill set in traditional library knowledge, technology, and human relations to fill user needs, which will aid in efficient selection of materials. After this, I discuss my experience with rare book acquisition for a university library. I then delve into collection management, with an example of a large photographic collection that needs to be accessioned in the Folklore Archive.

Introduction To Materials Management 7th Edition Pdf Download

For this INFO266 Collection Management assignment, we were required to draft a collection development policy for either an existing or imaginary repository. Knowing the Folklore Archive was in need of this policy, I wrote a collection development policy for the repository where I work. After approval from the Folklore Director, I published the policy on the archive website. In the policy, I include an introduction to the repository and its collections, followed by mission, vision, and purpose statements. I then discuss administrative authority, the scope of the collection, cooperative agreements, selection criteria, collection development, collection maintenance (including preservation) and management, plus user rights and responsibilities.


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