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Loose Change 9 11: An American Coup(2009)

In May 2003, when researching for a fictional screenplay based on the 9/11 attacks, writer Dylan Avery felt there was enough evidence to support the 9/11 conspiracy theories that the attacks were orchestrated by members of the United States government, and started working on a non-fiction version.[11][12][13] The name is a pun on the idea of political change concerning 9/11 conspiracy theories and others allegedly related to it, hence renegade or "loose," and the idiom loose change as coins or pocket change.

Loose Change 9 11: An American Coup(2009)

It was all too good to be true in the oughties. All these stores selling cool, trendy clothing you could buy with your loose change, wear a handful of times, and then throw away. Suddenly everyone could afford to dress like their favourite celebrity or wear the latest trends fresh from the catwalk. 041b061a72


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