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In the allegations' wake, artists like Tunde Olaniran and Will Sessions canceled events held at or produced by El Club, and Flegenheimer announced on his personal Facebook page that he "stepped down" as the venue's owner. His role at the club since the announcement, however, has been unclear. Last week, Jason Rogalewski, a vice president with AEG Great Lakes Presents, told Metro Times he's taken over as El Club's managing partner, and says the 27-year-old Flegenheimer is "no longer involved with day-to-day operations."

El Club

Rogalewski, who started in his new role on Jan. 1, says there have been changes at the venue: "We've talked things through with the staff, we took their feedback, and I think we made a lot of changes to the way the club is run and operated."

"I had already reached out to make amends, but reading those comments were a wake-up call and made me realize I could not continue to lead El Club," he said. "I turned over day-to-day operations to others and left the club to begin doing the work necessary to be the person I want to be. It is my goal that, in the near future, my words and actions will reflect that person."

"My impression was that it mattered to him what he looked like in this insular world of these bands, and it mattered little what his role in Detroit was," Neilsen says. "He wanted to be this club owner who those people appreciated."

"We wanted that coffee shop, we love clubs, and we like all the things that other people like, but I'm just not OK with how we're letting white folks and white people with money come in and save us ... because we could do it ourselves," she says. "It's just the fact that we've never been really allowed to. We live under these systems that really do opress, that make it difficult for us to move on up, to open a businesses, to open coffee shops."

"We're not looking to make it a corporate environment ... but you need some structure to make things work and operate smoothly," he says. "We can do it while it still keeps its identity as an independent club."

The bass club follows the story of Amaranto Molina (Vives), an unconventional music teacher who comes to teach at a school specializing in music education, governed by old formulas that leave aside students who do not comply with the standards set by commercial success.

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