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Arthur Shilov
Arthur Shilov

Male Physical 2.0 - New Exam Series - Ep 30 - N...

On clinical evaluation at the ED, initial routine laboratory results were within normal limits for all three workers. Two of the workers (the older male and female) had resolution of their symptoms within 2 hours, had no abnormal physical findings, and were discharged. The third worker (younger male) did not show significant symptom improvement at 2 hours and developed mild ataxia and concentration deficits on mental status exam. He was kept in the ED under close observation. You learn from this patient that he has been in good health with no history of similar problems. The previous evening, in celebration of his birthday, he drank 9-12 beers, which accounts for his hangover this morning. He also mentions that this morning, while cleaning several wounds sustained in a fight the previous evening, he spilled isopropyl alcohol on his hands and clothing, but did not bother to change his clothing.

Male Physical 2.0 - New Exam Series - Ep 30 - N...



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