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Morcheeba, Big Calm Full Album Zip [PATCHED]

Morcheeba's Big Calm: A Trip-Hop Classic

Morcheeba is a British band that emerged in the mid-1990s as one of the pioneers of trip-hop, a genre that blends hip-hop, electronica, and soul. Their second album, Big Calm, released in 1998, is widely regarded as their masterpiece and one of the best trip-hop albums of all time.

Morcheeba, Big Calm full album zip


Big Calm showcases Morcheeba's versatility and creativity, as they explore different styles and influences, from reggae to lounge to jazz. The album features the distinctive vocals of Skye Edwards, who sings with a smooth and sultry tone over the groovy and atmospheric beats of brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey. The album also features guest appearances by rapper Spikey T and singer-songwriter Jason Furlow.

The album contains 12 tracks, each with its own mood and flavor. Some of the highlights include:

  • The Sea: The opening track and one of Morcheeba's most popular songs. It sets the tone for the album with its relaxing and dreamy vibe. The song is about escaping from the troubles of life and finding peace by the sea.

  • Shoulder Holster: A catchy and funky tune that mixes hip-hop and spy movie soundtracks. The song is about being on the run from the law and living dangerously.

  • Part Of The Process: A soulful and uplifting song that celebrates life and its challenges. The song is about accepting oneself and learning from one's mistakes.

  • Blindfold: A dark and seductive song that explores the theme of temptation and addiction. The song is about being drawn to someone or something that is bad for you.

  • Let Me See: A reggae-inspired song that features a rap verse by Spikey T. The song is about longing for someone who is far away and wanting to see them again.

  • Bullet Proof: A cool and confident song that boasts about being strong and invincible. The song is about facing one's enemies and overcoming obstacles.

  • Over & Over: A mellow and melancholic song that reflects on the cycle of love and pain. The song is about breaking up and making up with someone over and over again.

  • Friction: A jazzy and experimental song that features a spoken word performance by Jason Furlow. The song is about the tension and conflict that exists in the world.

  • Diggin' A Watery Grave: A short instrumental interlude that creates a spooky and mysterious atmosphere. The song is a transition to the next track.

  • Fear & Love: A powerful and emotional song that deals with the complex feelings of fear and love. The song is about facing one's fears and opening up to love.

  • Big Calm: The title track and the closing song of the album. It is a soothing and serene song that wraps up the album with a sense of calmness and harmony. The song is about finding balance and tranquility in life.

  • The Music That We Hear (Bonus Track): A bonus track that was added to some editions of the album. It is a cheerful and playful song that pays tribute to music and its influence on people's lives.

Big Calm is a timeless album that showcases Morcheeba's talent and originality. It is a perfect example of how trip-hop can be diverse, innovative, and captivating. If you are looking for a musical journey that will take you to different places and emotions, you should definitely check out Morcheeba's Big Calm full album zip. c481cea774


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