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[S1E2] The Council

But, with a bit of guidance, the council will function as intended. It'd be remiss to think that all three of these men will suddenly start to be perfect father figures to the Perry children, but at least now they seem willing to learn.

[S1E2] The Council

Watching Anthony cancel on Charlotte for the second time was incredibly frustrating. He was Scott's best friend, so you'd expect him to be the most involved out of the council. Hopefully, he had his wake-up call when he drove Charlotte and Tess home from Atlanta, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's the least reliable "dad" going forward.

It's a nice touch that his daughter is best friends with Charlotte, and it helps bring the council into the family. Hopefully, we'll get to see more of his home life, on top of his relationship with the Perrys.

Rhaenyra was watching Viserys and Laena's stroll from the Red Keep. As she strolls away to go about her business, she's accosted by Princess Rhaenys Targaryen. For those who forgot, Rhaenys is the wife of Lord Corlys, and it was she who lost the council vote for succession to Viserys in the opening scene of episode 1.

King Viserys is still mulling his proposed engagement to Laena, seeking the council of Lord Lyonel Strong, his Master of Laws. Viserys says that he's felt Lord Corlys' envious gaze ever since he took the crown, and ponders whether it's wise to link families. Viserys is also understandably cold on the idea of marrying a 12-year-old.

Rhaenyra is aware she's not being taken seriously. She's still serving the small council drinks, and she's chided after suggesting the use of the kingdom's dragons to drive Daemon from Dragonstone. "It would be a show of force," she says. Later, she shares her discontent with Alicent (Emily Carey), saying she wishes her father would see her "as more than his little girl." She's also aware of the council's efforts to get Viserys remarried, thus granting him another shot at bearing a male heir.

But Viserys' "date" with Laena makes him uncomfortable. There's her age, obviously, but he can also sense her own ambivalence when she rattles off promises about uniting the houses of Old Valyria and giving him children with pure Valyrian blood. Still, most of the small council approves of the courtship. It's Hightower who expresses reluctance, a reminder that he's the one behind Alicent's quiet visits to Viserys' chambers. His efforts aren't in vain, either: Viserys clearly cherishes the conversations he's been having with Alicent, and she even gifts him a stone dragon for his model of Old Valyria after he shatters one in front of her. Viserys is clearly developing feelings for her.

Should Daemon succeed, that will leave Viserys, who has already alienated his daughter by marrying her best friend, with even fewer allies. It will also ensure a key member of his small council will have a vested interest in placing the king's spurned brother on the throne.

In Era, the Magic Council's headquarters, the council is having a discussion about the Fairy Tail Guild and its destructive nature. The majority of the Council thinks that the members of Fairy Tail are idiots, with the exception of Siegrain, who apparently likes them. Eventually the Council is left with a dilemma since Fairy Tail is destructive, but at the same time a strong and competent Guild. For the time being, the council opts to leave them be. Meanwhile, Natsu and Lucy arrive at Fairy Tail and Natsu immediately kicks the door open while screaming to everyone that they've returned. The Mage who had informed Natsu of the appearance of "Salamander" (who Natsu thought was Igneel, but was actually Bora) in Hargeon Town immediately shouts at him, commenting on the damage he caused to the town. Natsu responds by kicking him across the hall while shouting to him that the Salamander they found was fake.

The second episode of The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself picks up right where episode one ends. Nathan