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HD Online Player (Poolians Real Pool 3d !LINK! Cracked)

poolians real pool 3d is a fun-to-play and appealing online 3d pool game which provides satisfying, realistic and fast game play. the software will help you meet new and fun people and play 2d and 3d snooker and pool games. poolians real pool 3d offers both 2d and 3d editions, being suitable for both casual players and advanced players. moreover, the game includes a series of social options, such as a messenger, buddy list, gifts, and much more. several games are supported, including snooker, mini-snooker, 15 ball pool, 14+1, 3, 8 and 9 ball pool, blackjack, etc. more than 10 different types of tournaments are available as well. the game also support team play. in the pub mode up to 6 people can play at a single table simultaneously.

HD Online Player (Poolians Real Pool 3d Cracked)

Download Zip:

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the goal is to knock the balls into the pockets. score points by hitting the ball with your cue. perfect your skills, start with a free practice mode. improve your skills in the training mode. shoot in time trial mode. play against computer or real players. match rules, modes and game settings are defined at the start of the game. if you play against a real player you can compare your own score with the other player. the game includes four different game modes: "9-ball", "8-ball", "snooker" and "straight pool"


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