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Frogatto Friends Download PC Game

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Well, goshdarnit. It looks great, but I don't know if I have the upgrades needed or even how to check. The make file is there but I can't start it. Still, kudos to you for finding a Linux downloadable game, regardless of whether you can use it or not. (VirtualBox crashes games constantly, so I really can't play downloadable games often. It's good for instantly watching Netflix, though.)

It seems to have memorized the S key for Dvorak (the layout that I normally use, but isn't helpful in this game) and there's no way to change it. I tried deleting /Library/Application\ Support/Frogatto, but that didn't help. The source code implies that I should look in/trash /.frogatto, but that doesn't exist. I switched over to another user account and switched to QWERTY before launching Frogatto for the first time and that worked, so it's clearly a stored setting somewhere, but I don't know where (and I don't want to play on that account).

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