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1157 Polo Road is one of several homes available as a unique housing option to students. The North Area Houses were former residential homes that have been converted to Wake Forest University undergraduate student residences. These Polo Road and Rosedale Circle houses are located off the central part of campus and are very often associated with Residential Engagement Communities, established to promote a clear link between residential and academic life for students at Wake Forest University.


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EPS Tracking Number: 03-22-3669Project Name: Ruhl PropertyProject Address or Location: 1157 Blue Mount, MonktonApplication Date: April 7, 2022Decision Date: Status: PendingNature of Variance Request: The Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability hereby gives notice that a variance in accordance with Section 33-3-106 of the Baltimore County Code was received to allow the existing house within a proposed subdivision to be within the 35-foot principal structure setback of the forest buffer on the property.

Abstract:This research aims at understanding how to reuse infrastructure built in the Alps during the First World War to facilitate access to upland areas, increasingly used for tourism, sports, and hiking, but neglected in terms of maintenance. In other words, the main goal here is to improve and preserve the state of the mountain environment (including forests, meadows, pastures, etc.) through the reuse of historical infrastructures such as ropeways and mule tracks. Any form of reactivation of the now abandoned military logistics system, consisting of roads, mule-tracks, paths, and ropeways would enable the currently depopulated places to initiate a new and virtuous cycle. In this way, controlled planning would allow adequate maintenance to be provided for those natural and anthropic landscapes which have been progressively deprived of a productive role. The condition of abandonment and the lack of maintenance of the Alpine landscape have allowed the abundant rains of recent years, which are the result of climate change, to damage the forests of northern Italy and cause a series of hydrogeological landslides. That said, it could be assumed that the conversion of abandoned mule tracks, paths, and ropeways would not only help preserve a healthy Alpine environment but would also contribute to control these phenomena. Furthermore, it would be a way of giving new use to the historical infrastructures that played such an important role in the early 1900s, recognizing in this way their historical value. The transformation of the Alpine landscape and the building of the infrastructures involved all the lines of the front which were located on the mountains. Therefore, the choice of the Asiago Plateau, a portion of the Venetian Prealps comprised between the provinces of Vicenza and Trento, is just paradigmatic, namely, it reflects the features of a more widespread situation. However, the laws promoted by the Italian state have, as their objective, the recovery and maintenance of forts, trenches and buildings of historical value, but do not include the mountain territory that surrounds them. Therefore, reusing the infrastructures from the First World War would allow the whole landscape to be kept active.Keywords: reuse; circular economy; Alpine environments; military logistics system; landscape management; sustainable infrastructure

Gatti, Maria Paola, and Antonella Indrigo. 2020. "The Roads, Tracks, Paths, and Ropeways of the First World War: An Opportunity to Preserve, Maintain, and Valorize Alpine Landscape" Sustainability 12, no. 3: 1157.

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When there are no pedestrian signals at an intersection, wait until vehicle traffic gets a green light in the same direction you are traveling and cross in front of the stopped traffic. Do not cross in front of traffic that has a green light.

Fire Safety Trailer:This is a mobile classroom, which was purchased with the assistance to firefighters grant in 2005. We took delivery of the trailer in June 2006, and have been running programs ever since. The trailer has a kitchen, bedroom, and a burn room. We use the kitchen for most of the fire and life safety lessons. The bedroom teaches children how to escape a fire by using their window. We can demonstrate a residential sprinkler system in the burn room. This classroom also has the capability of doing a severe weather simulation, teaching the community how to react and prepare for a tornado. We have used this program a