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Halston Sage and Gregg appear as Agee, a teenage Stepford Cuckoos and Emmett's daughter.[7] Sage, who was cast prior to Gregg, said, "I knew I was going to audition for a guest spot in the first Avengers movie and it turned out to be this thing. So I couldn't be happier. It was pretty exciting."[48] Sage discussed the relationship between her character and her daughter, saying, "Their relationship is interesting in that they don't need their parents, but that they have a strong relationship. That's a really beautiful thing about a lot of kids. They build up their own strength, but they need someone to lean on as well."[48] Ally Branca is introduced as the villainous Enchantress, a shape-shifting witch.[39] Branca was first cast in a guest role in The Avengers, then offered a role in the sequel.[49] Jordan Frye portrays the genetically-enhanced Lt. Commander Jennifer Walters, a younger sister of Tony Stark who was conceived by Stark and his wife, Happy Hogan.[18] Frye, the daughter of writer John Frye, first appeared in unproduced Marvel comics titled "Night Moves" and "X-Force". Frye has worked in the film industry since she was 18. She is known for her roles in From Paris With Love (2000), Supreme Identity (2002) and High Tension (2003).[49]

HR-analytics bureau AnalitiQs heeft in opdracht van Aegon het onderzoek uitgevoerd. Er is gemeten in de geest van de methode die door het CBS is gebruikt in het landelijk onderzoek naar gelijk loon voor gelijk werk. Daar waar het CBS naar sectoren kijkt, spitst dit onderzoek zich toe op n bedrijf. Het onderzoek betreft alle medewerkers die onder de cao vallen. AnalitiQs en Aegon stellen de onderzoeksmethode die is gehanteerd graag ter beschikking aan andere bedrijven die ook gelijk beloning van mannen en vrouwen willen onderzoeken. De methode is via deze link beschikbaar als download. d2c66b5586


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