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Force Movie Download 1080p Songs

For downloading movies purchased thru iTunes. Why can't I download 1080p (HD) versions of movies I purchase and save them in my library on a desktop that will not view 1080p? I watch them from my library on LED Tvs from Apple TV. My preferences in iTunes is set to download 1080p but it won;t let me do that?/? Help!

Force Movie Download 1080p Songs

Thanks for the question. If your computer is not compatible with HD 1080p content, you should receive a prompt stating so - but should still be able to download the content for use on other devices. For more information, check out this resource:

iTunes 10.6 by default is set to purchase, download, and playback HD content in 720p. You must change your local preference setting if you prefer to download, purchase, and playback HD content in 1080p. Depending on your computer's hardware configurations, you may be unable to purchase, rent, or playback content in 1080p. iTunes may display the following dialog:

I have been in touch with iTunes technical support this evening for a long while about this. My settings are correct. In preferences I have selected to view in 1080p where possible and also to download in 1080p. However, when I look at the file size for what I download, it is always less than the file size listed for the film on the iTunes store. This led me to believe I was getting 720p not 1080p.

However, when I changed my preferences to 720p and tried the download again, the file size was even less (but still above SD quality). Therefore, this confirmed that the 1080p download was working, but at a lower file size than that shown in store. The iTunes technician also confirmed this. Unfortunately there is no simple way to confirm which HD version you have downloaded (1080p or 720p). You can base it on the settings you have applied but if you ever change your settings, there will be no way to tell. I have deleted all my HD downloads and am now in the process of downloading them with the 1080p settings. I have to trust that it is correct because the 720p file size is smaller.

YouTube Music is available for everyone to use for free, but many ads appear after every few songs are played. We also won't be able to download music for offline listening on this platform either. For ad-free music and downloads, we will need to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium.

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