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ZCTAs follow census block boundaries but are independent of all other statistical and governmental entities, therefore ZCTAs frequently cross the boundaries of other geographic boundaries. In addition, ZCTAs may occasionally cross state boundaries.

File: State of ...

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara, while serving as state senator, authored Senate Bill 824 (2018). This important consumer protection law requires a mandatory one-year moratorium on insurance companies cancelling or non-renewing residential insurance policies in certain areas within or adjacent to a fire perimeter after a declared state of emergency is issued by the Governor.

If your ZIP code is included in the moratorium and you received a notice of cancellation or non-renewal for wildfire risk, you should contact your insurance company to seek a reinstatement of the policy. If your insurance company refuses, you are encouraged to contact us and file a Request for Assistance.

Keep in mind that some products (such as food and clothing) are taxed differently in some states. Find your state (or states) in our sales tax by state guide to determine if you are selling any tax exempt or differently taxed items.

When it comes time for you to file your sales tax return, TaxJax has created a return-ready sales tax report so you can quickly and easily file. Just click the state in which you are filing on your TaxJar Dashboard.

Researchers at Iowa State are part of a multistate effort to map where the federally endangered rusty patched bumble bee lives, identify what habitat it prefers, and collect clues about its overall health. The findings along with data about the threatened American bumble bee, could help wildlife managers and land stewards reverse their decline and support other pollinators.

The Mammography Facility Database is updated periodically based on information received from the three FDA-approved accreditation bodies: the American College of Radiology (ACR), and the states of Arkansas and Texas. Information received by FDA or certifying state from accreditation bodies does not specify if the facility is mobile or stationary. In many instances, but not all, the accreditation body notes "mobile" following the name of the facility. The certification status of facilities may change, so FDA suggests that you check the facility's current status and look for the MQSA certificate.

You can help reduce benefit fraud and abuse in South Dakota by reporting individuals who fraudulently receive benefits in the state. Call the 24-hour Welfare Fraud Hotline at 1.800.765.7867 or complete the below form.

If you would like to create a profile to access your tax document, the instructions to create a profile, as well as your Heartland Key, are included in the email Heartland ECSI sends to you when your tax statement is ready. We have included those instructions below for your reference.

If you already have a profile with Heartland ECSI, please sign in. If you have not yet connected your tax statements to your account, you will need to connect them using your Heartland Key. Simply click on the "Connect An Account" button and enter your tax statement Heartland Key.

Student's Taxpayer identification number (TIN) - For your protection, this form may show only the last four digits of your social security number (SSN). Individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN), or adoption taxpayer identification number (ATIN). However, the issuer has reported your complete identification number to the IRS and, where applicable, to state and/or local governments. A TIN Solicitation Checkbox is checked if we solicited you in the appropriate manner at least once during the year regarding providing a SSN or ITIN for processing and filing your IRS Form 1098-T regardless if a SSN or ITIN (aka Taxpayer Identification Number) was or was not provided to the CSUF prior to tax form issuance.

Because the homeowner insurance crisis extends beyond the wildfire perimeters and impacts residents statewide, Commissioner Lara went a step further and called on insurance companies to voluntarily cease all non-renewals related to wildfire risk statewide until December 5, 2020, in the wake of Governor Gavin Newsom's declaration of statewide emergency due to fires and extreme weather conditions. A statewide moratorium would provide all California homeowners, renters, and businesses peace of mind, and allow time for stakeholders to come together to work on lasting solutions, help reduce wildfire risk, and stabilize the insurance market.

If you received a notice of cancellation or non-renewal after the declared state of emergency that relates to the fire associated with your Zip Code, and the reason for the cancellation or non-renewal relates to wildfire risk, you should contact your insurance company to seek a reinstatement of the policy. If your insurer refuses, you are encouraged to contact us and file a Request for Assistance.

The appearance of hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by the DHA of non-U.S. Government sites or the information, products, or services contained therein. Although the DHA may or may not use these sites as additional distribution channels for Department of Defense information, it does not exercise editorial control over all of the information that you may find at these locations. Such hyperlinks are provided consistent with the stated purpose of this website.

Community Property States: If the spouse earning the California source income is domiciled in a community property state, community income will be split equally between the spouses. Both spouses will have California source income and they will not qualify for the nonresident spouse exception.

The instructions provided with California tax forms are a summary of California tax law and are only intended to aid taxpayers in preparing their state income tax returns. We include information that is most useful to the greatest number of taxpayers in the limited space available. It is not possible to include all requirements of the California Revenue and Taxation Code (R&TC) in the instructions. Taxpayers should not consider the instructions as authoritative law.

Taxpayers should file form FTB 4197 with the FTB to report tax expenditure items as part of the FTB's annual reporting requirements under R&TC Section 41. "Tax expenditure" means a credit, deduction, exclusion, exemption, or any other tax benefit provided for by the state. The FTB uses information from form FTB 4197 for reports required by the California Legislature. Taxpayers that have a reporting requirement for any of the following should file form FTB 4197:

If you entered into a same sex legal union in another state, other than a marriage, and that union has been determined to be substantially equivalent to a California registered domestic partnership, you are required to file a California income tax return using either the married/RDP filing jointly or married/RDP filing separately filing status.

If you and your spouse/RDP paid joint estimated taxes but are now filing separate income tax returns, either of you may claim the entire amount paid, or each may claim part of the joint estimated tax payments. If you want the estimated tax payments to be divided, notify the FTB before you file the tax returns so the payments can be applied to the proper account. The FTB will accept in writing, any divorce agreement (or court-ordered settlement) or a statement showing the allocation of the payments along with a notarized signature of both taxpayers.

You may owe use tax if you make purchases from out-of-state retailers (for example, purchases made by telephone, online, by mail, or in person) where California sales or use tax was not paid and you use those items in California.

Example 1: You purchased a television for $2,000 from an out-of-state retailer that did not collect tax. You must use the Use Tax Worksheet to calculate the tax due on the price of the television, since the price of the television is $1,000 or more.

Example 2: You purchased a computer monitor for $300, a rare coin for $500, and designer clothing for $250 from out-of-state retailers that did not collect tax. Although the total price of all the items is $1,050, the price of each item is less than $1,000. Since none of these individual items are $1,000 or more, you are not required to use the Use Tax Worksheet and may choose to use the Estimated Use Tax Lookup Table.

Example 3: The total price of the items you purchased from out-of-state retailers that did not collect use tax is $2,300, which includes a $1,000 television, a $900 painting, and a $400 table for your living room.

This is a credit for tax paid to other states on purchases reported on Line 1. You cannot claim a credit for more than the amount of use tax that is imposed on your use of property in this state. For example, if you paid $8.00 sales tax to another state for a purchase, and would have paid $6.00 in California, you can claim a credit of only $6.00 for that purchase.

Contributions will be used to support crisis centers located in the state that are active members of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, with priority given to those crisis centers located in rural and desert communities.

Throughout California more than 1,200 sites provide trained volunteers offering free help during the tax filing season to persons who need to file simple federal and state income tax returns. Many military bases also provide this service for members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Go to and search for vita to find a list of participating locations or call the FTB at 800-852-5711 to find a location near you.

The use tax has been in effect in California since July 1, 1935. It applies to purchases of merchandise for use in California from out-of-state sellers and is similar to the sales tax paid on purchases you make in California. If you have not already paid all use tax due to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, you may be able to report and pay the use tax due on your state income tax return. See the information below and the instructions for Line 91 of your income tax return. 041b061a72


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