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How to Build Beautiful Cross-Platform Apps with Grial UI Kit 3

If you are a .NET developer who wants to create stunning mobile apps with Xamarin.Forms, you should check out Grial UI Kit 3. Grial UI Kit 3 is the latest, and greatest version of Grial yet. With over 160 fully themeable, customizable and extensible XAML files, building beautiful Xamarin.Forms apps is now faster than ever. This version comes with:

15 custom controls, including data grid, video player, tab control, card view, and checkbox.

Gradients support, everywhere.

Dark and light themes.

90+ ready-to-use screens for common app scenarios.

A web admin site to create and manage your apps.

In this article, we will show you how to use Grial UI Kit 3 to build a Tea Shop app called Clayton in minutes. You will see how easy it is to select your screens, customize your theme, and download your Visual Studio solution ready to run.

Creating Your App with Grial Web Admin

Grial based apps are created with the Grial Web Admin site, which allows you to create and manage your apps. There are 5 simple steps to create your app:

Register your app. Select your license and create the app.

App name. Give your app a name.

Project setup. Enter the solution name, project name, namespace, assembly name and bundle identifier. All of these are auto-suggested based on the app name.

Screens. Choose any, and as many, screens from our 90+ catalog to kick start your app.

Icon and theme. Upload a high-resolution image of your app icon. Grial Web Admin automatically generates all the required icon resolutions for iOS and Android. Select a theme to use. You can use the theme as it is, or choose to customize its accent color to match your brandâs look and feel.

Now, you can download the Visual Studio solution ready to run, and you can start working on your app. The downloaded Grial solution uses your specified names, app icon and theme. It includes all your selected screens plus any accessory views used by those screens. You can add more screens later if you need to.

Running Your App with Visual Studio

The downloaded Visual Studio solution includes:

XAML files for the selected screens and all accessory views.

The app theme.

A view model for each page.

Sample data in JSON format.

All helpers/resources required by the app to work.

The solution also references a NuGet package called UXDivers.Grial that contains Grial custom controls, effects, custom renderers, and more. It also includes other popular community NuGet packages (e.g. Xamarin.Essentials, Xamarin.FFImageLoading, Newtonsoft.Json).

In the video below, you can see the download and running of the Clayton app with Visual Studio. The app uses a master-detail navigation that includes a link for each page. You can tweak the code to add or remove links as you wish.

Customizing Your App with Gorilla Player

If you want to further customize your app's design, you can use Gorilla Player. Gorilla Player is a free XAML previewer for Xamarin.Forms that allows you to see your changes in real time on multiple devices simultaneously. You can also browse through all the Grial UI Kit resources and copy-paste them into your app.


Grial UI Kit 3 is a powerful tool for .NET developers who want to create beautiful cross-platform apps with Xamarin.Forms. It provides 248dff8e21


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