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[S1E2] Girl Meets Boy

Katrina's storyline was reminiscent of Veronica Mars Season 3 Episode 11 in which Veronica helps hunt down a girl for a classmate, who ends up being a prostitute his friend's hired. The two almost road off into the sunset after he paid off her pimp.

[S1E2] Girl Meets Boy

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Similar to Katrina, it was the first instinct to question whether the girl was honest about her intentions. The thing is it didn't matter what Veronica thought, just like it didn't matter what Dex thought.

Cory and Topanga are going out to celebrate their anniversary and decide to let Riley babysit Auggie for the first time. She enlists Maya's help, which leads Auggie to rebel against the girls. Air Date : 28th-Nov-2014 Read More

Farkle has to choose between Riley and Maya as dates to an awards ceremony that he attends annually. Meanwhile, Topanga, Cory, and Auggie have a book club with Auggie's girlfriend, Ava. Air Date : 6th-Feb-2015 Read More

Later, Cory secretly meets with Maya at the Library; he wants her to keep an eye on Riley and make sure she doesn't get hurt and also wants Maya to send him text alerts and pictures. Knowing that he's scared and aware that things can happen between friends, Maya reminds him she doesn't have the technology to do what he wants her to do, so Cory gives Maya a brand new smartphone, saying his motives are completely selfish, but Maya isn't so sure. Cory then hands her a package of colored pencils, telling her that if something beautiful happens with Riley to color him a picture.

Before meeting Cam, Jamie chats up a jewelry sales girl. An animated, menacing Cam claims not to know Jamie and tries to intimidate Kit. Though the new possible ally says he and his crew will consider the offer of heroin, cannabis, and coke in bulk. Back in the watch store, Jamie is rejected but buys the timepiece and leaves Tilly his number.

Ashley questions Starlight over the footage of her beating up the men, revealing that she has blown her secret identity. Ashley says that there is no woman in the video, and all the video shows is Starlight beating up two innocent men. Ashley says that Starlight must have meetings with legal and crisis management following the outburst. Stillwell meets with the Senator, revealing two photographs from the previous night. Stillwell says that she knows he had sex with Doppelganger, and she plans to use the photographs to blackmail the Senator about national defense.

Frenchie realizes that Translucent has a tough shell, like a turtle, but his insides are like those of a normal human. After rendering him unconscious, Frenchie reveals that he has stuck a bomb in his rectum that can be triggered by remote detonator. Translucent begs for his life, saying that he knows information about where A-Train was going the night of Robin's death. He reveals information about Popclaw, A-Train's girlfriend. Frenchie says that Homelander is nearby, which frightens Hughie. Frenchie warns that pulling the detonator will alert Homelander to their location. Homelander confronts Frenchie, while Translucent escapes from his cage but is threatened by Hughie. Billy remotely triggers an explosion at Frenchie's place nearby, drawing Homelander to investigate. In the basement, fearing Translucent would wreck everything, Hughie presses the detonator, blowing Translucent to pieces.

We're in Aretuza now, a magical academy for girls run by a woman called Tissaia de Vries. We see a vast stone fortress cut into a rocky coastline, with a long rope bridge connecting it to a tall, ominous tower. This castle is where Yennefer is being held; Tissaia being, it transpires, the witch who bought her. "You should have let me die." says Yennefer as the camera reveals her bloody, bandaged wrists.

In the woods, Ciri finds herself in a camp of Cintran refugees and is taken in by a family who are oblivious to her true identity. She holds her tongue as they blame her grandmother, Calanthe, for the invasion. Back at the Tower of the Gull, a storm rages and Tissaia instructs the girls to capture lightning in a bottle. Yennefer fails and in her fury launches a bolt at one of the other students. Tissaia catches it and throws it to safety, warning Yennefer that her job is controlling chaos, not becoming it. "There are mages who contain their emotions," she says. "And then there are mages like us who are consumed by them."

Later in the castle, Yennefer watches Tissaia turn three of the girls into wriggling yellow eels. The witch then asks her to push them into a pool of water beneath them. Yennefer refuses at first, but eventually gives in. As the eels slip into the water, Aretuza begins to glow and pulse with magical energy. Yennefer peers into the now-glowing water, watching the eels swim, and a smile creeps across Tissaia's face.

The first episode sort of set up a rivalry between Gwen and Lilette, and then we see that soften in Episode 2. How does their relationship develop going forward? Forsyth: Yeah, I think they're sort of victims of their circumstances. What's going on is out of their control, that really has nothing to do with them at the root of the issue. Obviously there is that initial pain of not getting the role you want and feeling like something has been taken away from you, when Lilette comes in and has this incredible voice and the theater has been Gwen's sort of domain for so long. But at the root of the issue, we touch on it in the first episode and you see it a little bit more as the episodes go on, it's about her family, and ultimately these girls, though it seems slightly different, they are experiencing the same sort of issue. So I think you see that that can bring them together a little bit because ultimately it's out of their control and it's not about them at all, really.

It is really nice to see two girls, like two teenage girls, not fighting over a boy, that there are very serious issues that put them at odds. Is there any chance for to unite over those issues or are they going to keep their distance because it's just too painful to be around each other? Forsyth: That was always my thing, too, was this should be bringing them together, and I had a hard time wrapping my head around these two girls that just didn't connect because I think telling stories about women supporting women is so important, especially right now, but I think you see a glimmer of that...They're gonna need time to sort of sort it out, at least Gwen is, but yeah. There's definitely a glimmer of that, and I hope that that's something that we can explore a little more as well. Fingers crossed, if we get a Season 2.

The hunchback girl wakes up in the room the witch locked her in and learns her name, Tissai de Vries, Rectoress of Aretuza, who has brought her to the city to join a group of girls she is training to hone in on their magic skills. They begin with an attempt at lifting a rock with a minor incantation, with one girl seeing her hand rapidly deteriorate as the magic requires a balance of give and take, as such the flower sitting on the desk in front of them is used as a balance as it rots while the rock floats. However, the hunchback girl struggles with lifting the rock. The next test involves thought transference, with the girls sitting across from one another and attempting to read their minds, only for her to once again fail the test. She returns to Istredd for comfort, who helps her to learn the power and in which she reveals her name is Yennefer and the two clearly form a deep bond. 041b061a72


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