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Buy Used Granite Slabs Extra Quality

The average life expectancy of a granite countertop is long. Remember, many stone countertops throughout the world are still around in historic buildings. Experts estimate that most natural stone countertops can last over 100 years.

buy used granite slabs

Marble was not the only stone used in the ancient world to build the wonders of the world. Some of the structures in ancient Egypt, which still stand today, use granite. Builders around the world use the sturdy stone for building.

Occasionally, something happens to your granite countertop. While granite countertops breaking down entirely are rare, you need to maintain the granite stone. Otherwise, you might not be able to save it.

If your stone is still in good shape, consider donating it to Habitat for Humanity or a similar charity. Because Habitat for Humanity builds homes based on donations they can use your old granite countertop.

Many homeowners have turned their granite countertops into flooring, wall decorations, fire pits, tables, shelves, cutting boards, and centerpieces. The sky is the limit if you have some quality granite pieces left. Here are some ideas for a stylish use of granite remnants and our broad collection of remnants to choose from.

We discussed converting granite pieces in the previous point. Recycling the material goes beyond the conversion discussion. At Granite Selection, we want to make the process of adding your new countertop as eco-friendly as possible.

Hopefully, you now have a few ideas of what to do with your old granite countertop. Whether it is recycling, donating, converting, trading, or trashing it, spend some time thinking about your best option.

As styles and trends come and go, many homeowners want to renovate their kitchens. The average kitchen remodel can cost $25,000, and one way to help pay for some of the cost of the makeover is to sell your used kitchen furniture pieces like countertops. So you may be wondering, can I sell my old granite countertops?

In General, there are some online marketplaces where you can sell kitchen granite countertops; however, the market for used granite is small because it is expensive to remove, and buyers have to refabricate the granite pieces to fit their countertops.

Keep on reading to find out the best ways to sell your old granite or how you can even repurpose pieces of granite tiles in your own home. You will also learn where you can donate or recycle your kitchen countertops if you cannot find any buyers.

Granite can be challenging to remove since it is rather heavy, so it would be best to hire a professional if you do not have experience removing this type of countertop. If you try to remove it yourself, you may damage or even break the granite stone, making it impossible to sell.

When selling kitchen countertops, do not expect to make a significant profit since there is a small market for secondhand granite countertops. In most cases, you will need to find a buyer with a smaller room layout as they will need to cut and resize the granite pieces to fit their counters.

You must also be flexible with the price for the best chance of selling your granite. Many buyers do not want to pay a lot of money when purchasing used countertops, as they will have to pay to refabricate the granite.

While the granite resale market may not be large, there are some online marketplaces where you can sell your used kitchen countertops. Buyers remodeling their kitchen on a budget or crafters will look for affordable granite pieces in good condition.

One of the best websites you can use to sell your granite countertops is Facebook Marketplace. A glance at the platform shows people selling different styles of used granite countertops at various prices. It does not cost any money to post, and you can potentially find interested buyers locally, so you do not have to worry about shipping.

Another great website for selling old granite countertops is Craigslist. Make sure to post lots of high-quality photos and close-up pictures so that interested buyers can see the quality and condition of the granite. Like Facebook Marketplace, it is free to post listings on Craigslist.

DiggersList is another place online to sell your used granite countertops. The website is essentially like Craigslist for building supplies with online classifieds exclusively for new and used building materials, furniture, and tools. Since buyers on DiggersList are explicitly looking for home improvement items, you may succeed in selling old granite here.

In some cases, salvage yards will take used granite countertop. Some users on Houzz reported success selling their old granite to these businesses, though they did not make as much as they would selling on an online marketplace. Be sure to inquire with your local salvage yard to see if they accept used granite and how much they would pay for the countertop pieces.

If you have trouble selling your used countertops, why not try turning your granite pieces into something new? Old granite countertop pieces are perfect for you to use in DIY projects or to repurpose into other items for your home.

While you may be changing the style of your kitchen, your granite countertops could be perfect to use in another room in your house. Some ideas include using your granite countertops for an area with a smaller layout, such as a bathroom counter, vanity, or shelves.

Since granite is a durable material, one creative way to reuse your old countertops is by turning them into outdoor decor. You can spruce up your front yard by using your granite to make a stylish stone pathway.

Another fun way to repurpose your old granite is to create new decorations for your home. You can cut your granite countertop to use as the top piece for a coffee table or use a smaller part for a cutting board. If you are particularly crafty, you can resize your granite into decor items like bookends, coasters, and lazy susans.

In some cases, you may be unable to find any buyers for your old granite countertops. This scenario, however, does not mean your granite has to end up in the trash. Many charities and organizations will take used granite countertops.

Habitat for Humanity is one popular choice to donate your old granite countertops. Habitat for Humanity is a charitable organization that builds affordable homes for people around the world. This non-profit organization accepts new and gently used appliances, supplies, and furniture like kitchen countertops, which they sell at their Habitat ReStore to help fund their building projects.

Another great way to get rid of old granite is to take it to a reuse center. Reuse centers collect used building materials and supplies to be repurposed so that they do not end up in the trash. You can also call other charitable and housing organizations in your area to see if they will take your granite countertops.

Many people in the granite industry are concerned about the massive amount of granite waste and are looking to make the industry more sustainable. Granite recycling companies like Recycled Granite have been formed to help combat this waste and accept granite scraps like old countertops to repurpose into something new. Check if there are any granite recycling businesses in your area or if your local recycling center takes granite scraps.

If you are having trouble finding a recycle center, reach out to a granite fabricator in your area to see if they will accept your old granite. Many fabricators also have relationships with granite recyclers and could give you information on who to contact.

Each year, millions of pounds of granite end up in the trash as people replace their countertops or fabricators throw out scraps. Granite is a very durable material, and it can take hundreds of years for it to decompose. Its longevity is why it is best to try selling or donating your old countertops, so they do not end up in a landfill.

If you cannot find any places to buy, donate, or recycle your old granite, you can try listing them for free on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. This option will ensure your old granite is sustainably used and save you a trip to your local dump.

Many options exist to sell or repurpose your used kitchen granite countertops as long as you find the right market. By using the resources in this article, you will easily find a new home for your old granite.

My husband and I just purchased our first home and I love everything about our kitchen except the granite color. The granite is in great shape, but it has a lot of gold tones and my style leans more towards grey tones. Are there any avenues to sell used granite? I hate to see the counters wind up in a landfill, and making a little extra cash might be nice for our renovation. Thanks in advance for the advice!

Millworkman. A fabricator just might be interested in this because he might have a client who wants just that type of granite but can't find it anywhere. You never know. That is no reason to diss another poster.

Fabricators have plenty of their own mistakes for sale. They dumpsterize lots of perfectly good tops. I had to sledgehammer perfectly good granite tops to make way for concrete once. It made me sick and I doubt I'll ever do it again.

It would cost more than new granite by the time your thru, and as Joseph states they have enough of their own mistakes, and remnants. I fail to see what would inspire a fabricator to"buy" used grante...............

I have the same issue, I would like to get a little money back towards a new granite top for my island. the top i have now is in perfect condition 42X38" i just want a different color and to add 12" .

" I asked him if he would make the granite larger than it? by a few inches and he did. Now that I am here, I could see that I made a terrible mistake and the granite is way too large for the kitchen."

I'm in the same boat. I have two sheets of 1" thick, 4' x 7' granite making up the walls of a glass shower stall that I'd like to save assuming I can get them off the wall on one piece. Any thoughts? Also, just a comment on the post about the wrong size. It is very important to have the actual installer come and measure and make templates of your project. Much heartache and many tears will be saved thus. 041b061a72


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