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Skins with purple skin and dark red flesh, excellent in appearance. Pink flesh-colored skins also available. Origin: Zizkov, Czech Republic, by J. Smolkovský and J. Ingeltrault; selected 2004. USPP 10,954; 15 Mar. 2011. Fruit: length 140-160 mm, diameter 80-90 mm; oblate, shoulders rounded; skin yellowish white, dull; bloom, longitudinal ribs and skin cracks absent; pulp slightly juicy and tender, with faint sour and celery flavor; skin thin and firm; mature color light orange (RHS 209B-C); thickness 1-1.5 mm; matures mid-Aug. to early Nov. Tree: vigorous, vigorous, slightly spreading, up to 1.9 m tall; leaves dark green; inflorescences in drooping clusters; flower clusters compact, 3-4 flowers; flower clusters sweet; self-fertile. Flowering is heavy, persisting into early winter.

Atycha. Late-ripening, good in flavor, skin color is greenish yellow (RHS 138C-D), but those from the Kirovskoe Reserve were pinkish white (RHS 138D). Origin: Yurt, Russia, by K. Tschetnikov; selected 2005. USPP 15,692; 20 Oct. 2015. Fruit: length 4-5 cm, diameter 80-90 mm; oblong; shoulders round, forming a large, rounded crown; skin yellow (RHS 195C), slightly greener than that of the Pink Lady and Indian Peach; bloom, longitudinal ribs and skin cracks absent; hollow; pulp juicy and sweet, very mild and pleasantly acid; skin firm and thin; mature color dark green (RHS 200B); thickness 1-2.5 mm; matures mid-Sept. to early Oct. Tree: vigorous, vigorous; growth habit slightly spreading; upright or arching; common; height and width 2.6 m. Leaves leathery; flowers fragrant. 3d9ccd7d82


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