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Where Can I Buy A Cheap Fridge

Where Can I Buy A Cheap Fridge ===>

If you have enough money to spend, plus you will travel in a reasonably or big-sized overland vehicle (say varying from a Land Cruiser to a MAN truck), you will most likely buy a fridge. Why not enjoy the luxury when you can

But before throwing the idea of bringing a fridge overboard, Coen checked the Dutch version of E-bay and, lo and behold, found one for 100 US dollars. It was a small, used, 24-volt lorry refrigerator with a Danfoss compressor. Perfect.

As we journeyed from the Netherlands to Asia, we rough camped and cooked a lot in Greece, Turkey and Iran. However, in Pakistan life on the road became very cheap so we changed our eating habits to having lunch and dinner at road stalls or in basic restaurants.

Next on our route was South America, where we quickly returned to calculating a budget for food. Whereas countries such as Bolivia, Guyana, and Venezuela are cheap, others, among which Chile and Brazil, are not. We returned to preparing our meals. By then friends of ours had given us a 32-year old Engel. Fridge #2 worked, broke, was fixed, and eventually worked only when we were driving. And so we improvised.

A couple of years ago our needs changed altogether as we threw out animal foods and changed to a plant-based diet. This made traveling without a fridge even easier as our main source of protein became legumes. While you can buy legumes in cans, it is much cheaper as well as more space efficient to buy them dried. I soak them for a night and cook them in the pressure cooker. Apart from cooking legumes, we sprout them to add to soups, stews and salads. There are special sprouting jars, but you can save that money and instead use any glass container, some mesh and a rubber band.

We still like to bake bread in our Coleman Oven every once in a while. A note on flour and other dried foods: In many countries you can buy these in markets from big (jute) bags, which is generally cheaper than the supermarket, packaged versions (plus you buy food from local farmers rather than supporting big chain stores). However, in tropical countries it does not need much for the market-bought food to be infested with the tiniest crawling creatures. So while a good option for use on short notice, the supermarket packages are better if you want to store for a longer period of time.

The main reason to buy a new fridge, a 21-liter Engel MT27F for 600 dollars, had to do with the fact that I prefer cooking in batches, e.g. one pressure cooker with vegetable soup is good for three meals for the two of us. I cook beans in large quantities to add them to soups over a number of days. In cold, Andean high-altitude areas where food will keep outside the fridge for a couple of days, this works perfectly, but not in the tropics.

Ooo, I got envirosax for my bridesmaids in black and white patterns so that they could carry all their makeup, shoes, etc. for the day. I kept one for myself & LOVE it. Take it with me everywhere. Highly recommend!

We have a few ice storms up here in the north that has taught me to freeze a few big gallon-size water and use that to keep the refridge cool. When we loose power we loose our water (private well) so it also comes in handy as drinking water when they do defrost. On a separate note, I was thinking of joining pintrest but they ask for permission to post things on your facebook page. Have you had any privacy issues with them on this I really want to join the fun but worried about privacy.

From a guys perspective-I was without power for five days in Richmond. This of course meant harvesting every food item to eat before it goes bad! Usually I find store brand products that are cheaper than those with coupons.

Unfortunately, the only sure-fire way to save the contents of your fridge/freezer during a blackout that lasts that long is to have a generator. Maybe you could keep your eyes open for good deals at Home Depot!

Yes, I totally agree. To anyone who lost a big stockpile of breast milk, I can only imagine how h


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