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Sql Server 2017 Enterprise 1 Processor REPACK

I'm running some performance tests on the new Intel Skylake procs. Here is my system outline:Windows Server 2016 Datacenter (Volume License)2x Intel 8168 (24 core, 48 thread)SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Core (Volume License)Any idea why SQL Server has all the processors above 63 greyed out in this menu (attached image)? I believe this may be the cause of my performance plateauing before the CPU utilization reaches 80%.

Sql server 2017 enterprise 1 processor

My SQL DBA team recently inherited a newly imaged HP ProLiant DL560 Gen 10 x64-based PC w/ 1 TB of RAM and 48 CORES. Using BIOS, I had our server team reduce the # CORES from 48 to 12 to save on SQL Licensing costs -- as we are charged PER CORE. I will be installing SQL 2017 Enterprise w/ latest CU 14 (as of 2019.Apr.04)

I mean that the server (Windows 2008 R2) is only used for SQL Server 2008 R2 (no file sharing, no printer sharing) and is licensed per processor but it is a member server of a domain. Do I need to purchase Windows Server 2008 R2 user or device CALs?

A question on licensing test environment. From what I read we need to license test servers: if I install SQL STD 2012 in a test environment then it requires a license. It can be covered by MSDN license if we want to, but what if we have an enterprise agreement? Does that exempt us from being required to license the SQL test server? Or does this entirely depend on what the agreement states?

Good day, I have a question regarding licenses for Database Mirroring. I have a 2 server, 1 for Principal Server and the other 1 for mirror server. Both installed Windows 2016 Standard Server and Microsoft SQL 2017 Standard. I configure them as database mirroring. Should I need 2 licenses for OS and SQL? or I only need 1 license for OS and SQL? Thank you.

maybe you have another licenced SQL server who is not so busy (because it runs only some small applications), where you could restore the database and run CHECKDB (at SQL 2017 you could set MAXDOP for CHECKDB; alternatively you could install a second instance and set there a global MAXDOP and MaxMemory)

We are looking at the costs of building a new SQL server. It will be a 2016 VM with 4 cores hosted on a VMWare host with Datacenter licensing. From what I've read, we would want to use the per core license for the 4 vCPU. I've looked on CDW and the 2 core packs for SQL 2017 are a lot cheaper our software vendor is quoting (SA not being quoted). Am I reading the licensing requirements wrong or is our vendor quoting us for the physical host which has 32 cores?

Microsoft offers SQL Server in four primary editions that provide different levels of the bundled services. Two are available free of charge: a full-featured Developer edition for use in database development and testing, and an Express edition that can be used to run small databases with up to 10 GB of disk storage capacity. For larger applications, Microsoft sells an Enterprise edition that includes all of SQL Server's features, as well as a Standard one with a partial feature set and limits on the number of processor cores and memory sizes that users can configure in their database servers.

SQL Server 2016 also increased support for big data analytics and other advanced analytics applications through SQL Server R Services, which enables the DBMS to run analytics applications written in the open source R programming language, and PolyBase, a technology that lets SQL Server users access data stored in Hadoop clusters or Azure blob storage for analysis. Also, SQL Server 2016 was the first version of the DBMS to run exclusively on 64-bit servers based on x64 microprocessors. And it added the ability to run SQL Server in Docker containers, a virtualization technology that isolates applications from each other on a shared operating system.

The support for running SQL Server on Linux moved the database platform onto an open source operating system commonly found in enterprises, giving Microsoft potential inroads with customers that don't use Windows or have mixed server environments. SQL Server 2017 also expanded the Docker support added for Windows systems in the previous release to include Linux-based containers.

HDX queries the Windows device to verify that it has the required GPU capabilities, and then automatically reverts to server-side desktop composition if it does not. List the devices with the required GPU capabilities that do not meet the processor speed or RAM specifications in the GPO group for devices excluded from Desktop Composition Redirection.

NUMA is a memory-access optimization method that helps increase processor speed without increasing the load on the processor bus. If NUMA is configured on the server where SQL will be installed then you need not worry as SQL is NUMA aware, and performs well on NUMA hardware without any special configuration.

SQL uses all CPUs available from the operating system. It creates schedulers on all the CPUs to make best use of the resources for any given workload. When multitasking the operating system or other apps on the SQL server can switch process threads from one processor to another. SQL is a resource intensive app and so performance can be impacted when this occurs. To minimize we can configure the processors in a way that all the SQL load will be directed to a pre-selected group of processors. This is achieved using CPU Affinity Mask.

The SQL Server 2core licenses that are available from many providers are licenses that work via the 'Per Core licensing model'. With the purchase of this 'Per Core license' you can license 2 cores. It is important to remember that at least 4 cores are licensed per physical processor. A core license is required for each core. Suppose you have a physical server containing 3 processors with 6 cores, then a total of 18 cores can be licensed. Because the core licenses are supplied per 2, a total of 9 packages of 2core licenses are purchased. These minimum requirements sometimes differ per version of SQL Server, so check this in time. In addition, it is always useful to get advice about server licensing in order to ultimately choose the most economical licensing model. 041b061a72


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