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ShaperBox 2.0.0 VST AU IND MacOSX

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ShaperBox 2.0.0 VST AU IND MacOSX

ShaperBox 2.0.0: A Powerful Plugin for Rhythmic Effects and Mixing

ShaperBox 2.0.0 is the latest version of the flagship effects plugin from Cableguys, a company known for creating innovative and versatile audio tools. ShaperBox 2.0.0 combines nine Shaper effects in one easy-to-use interface, allowing you to create rhythmic effects that react to your music, sculpt your sound in incredible detail with multiband processing, and solve complex mix problems with ease.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the features and improvements that make ShaperBox 2.0.0 a must-have plugin for modern producers and mixers.

Nine Shaper Effects

ShaperBox 2.0.0 includes nine Shaper effects that cover a wide range of sound manipulation possibilities:

TimeShaper 2: Warp time and pitch, create glitchy fills, reverse effects, tape stops, and more.

DriveShaper: Add warmth, distortion, saturation, and crunch to your tracks with flexible multiband shaping.

CrushShaper: Bitcrush, downsample, and clip your sounds with creative LFO modulation and multiband control.

VolumeShaper 6: Shape the dynamics of your tracks with sidechain ducking, gating, pumping, and more.

FilterShaper Core 2: Apply smooth or resonant filters, phasers, notches, and peaks with stereo offset and envelope following.

PanShaper 3: Move your sounds across the stereo field with LFOs, envelope followers, audio triggering, and mid/side processing.

WidthShaper 2: Control the stereo width of your tracks with multiband shaping and mid/side balance.

HalfTime: Instantly create half-speed effects for trap, EDM, hip-hop, and more.

LiquidShaper: Smooth out abrupt changes in your LFO waveforms for organic and fluid modulation.

Easier Waveform Editing

ShaperBox 2.0.0 makes it easier than ever to draw and edit your own LFO waveforms with a range of new features and improvements:

Stereo Offset control for FilterShaper Core 2: Adjust the cutoff frequency of the left and right channels independently for exciting stereo filtering effects.

Easy 1-slider Envelope/Compressor: Quickly dial in envelope following or compression with a single slider and an on/off button.

Skew selection: Adjust the intensity of your waveform over time by holding Ctrl while dragging any corner/side handle of the selection box.

Draggable LFO parameters: Drag the entire LFO waveform up/down using the new parameter tiles in Volume/Pan/Width Shapers.

Snapping enhancements: Snap single points or selections to the grid with a simple on/off toggle or by holding Shift while dragging.


LiquidShaper is a new addition to ShaperBox 2.0.0 that lets you smooth out abrupt changes in your LFO waveforms for organic and fluid modulation. You can use LiquidShaper to create natural-sounding vibrato, tremolo, chorus, flanger, phaser, and more. LiquidShaper can also be used to tame harsh transitions in Time/Crush/Drive Shapers or to add subtle movement to Volume/Filter/Pan/Width Shapers.

Enhanced Browser

The browser in ShaperBox 2.0.0 has been enhanced with new features and improvements that make it easier to find and manage your presets:

Oscilloscope Tool: See how each preset affects your audio signal with a real-time oscilloscope display 248dff8e21


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