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G Sonique VST VSTi SamplePack 10 08 2010 Bundle ASSiGN

G Sonique VST VSTi SamplePack 10 08 2010 Bundle ASSiGN

G Sonique is a company that produces high-quality virtual instruments and effects for music production. They offer a variety of products, ranging from synthesizers, drum machines, guitar amps, filters, and more. One of their most popular releases is the G Sonique VST VSTi SamplePack 10 08 2010 Bundle ASSiGN, which contains 16 of their best plugins and sample packs in one package.

Download Zip:

The G Sonique VST VSTi SamplePack 10 08 2010 Bundle ASSiGN includes the following products:

  • Alien303 - a bass synthesizer that emulates the classic Roland TB-303 sound, but with more features and flexibility.

  • Mid-Side Enlarger - a stereo enhancer that allows you to adjust the width and depth of your stereo image.

  • Pultronic EQ-110P - a vintage tube equalizer that simulates the warm and smooth sound of the Pultec EQP-1A.

  • PsyKick AK1 - a kick drum synthesizer that is designed for creating powerful and punchy kicks for psytrance, techno, and other electronic genres.

  • Psytrance Drum Kit 1 - a sample pack that contains over 500 drum samples, loops, and FX for psytrance production.

  • Renegade - a virtual analog synthesizer that combines the best features of the legendary Minimoog, Jupiter 8, and Juno 60.

  • TWISTED ENERGY - a synthesizer that uses a unique synthesis method called "bent wave synthesis", which creates complex and dynamic sounds.

  • XBass 4000L - a bass enhancer that adds harmonics and sub-bass frequencies to your bass sounds.

  • Zebralette - a simplified version of the Zebra2 synthesizer, which offers a single oscillator with multiple waveforms and modulation options.

  • Dubmaster Liquid Delay - a delay effect that creates smooth and organic echoes with feedback modulation and filtering.

  • FSQ1964 - a vacuum tube preamp that adds warmth, brightness, and presence to your audio signals.

  • Psychedelic FX6000 V1 - a multi-effect processor that contains over 140 presets of psychedelic sounds and effects.

  • Ultrabass MX4/4 - a bass synthesizer that uses four oscillators and four filters to create rich and deep bass sounds.

  • Vintage Analog Filter VST - a filter effect that emulates the sound of the Moog ladder filter, the Korg MS-20 filter, and the Oberheim SEM filter.

  • Vintage Strings MkIII - a string machine that recreates the lush and warm sound of the vintage string synthesizers from the 70s and 80s.

  • XXL Bundle v1.0 - a sample pack that contains over 3 GB of samples, loops, and instruments for various genres of music.

The G Sonique VST VSTi SamplePack 10 08 2010 Bundle ASSiGN is a great deal for anyone who wants to expand their sonic palette with some of the best plugins and samples from G Sonique. The bundle is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and requires a VST host application. The bundle is available for download from [Thingiverse] or [Flicagrada] or [OpenSea].


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