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The Ultimate Guide to FSX P3D ZINNERTEK LEVELD level d 767 HD Cockpit Environment

in this level you will fly a p3d zinnertek leveld aircraft. you will fly your aircraft through a time-based sequence. the time-based sequence will be a combination of speed, height, and number of turns. you will start in the air and descend to about 2000 ft. you will turn on the big screen tv and watch a movie while flying. at the end of the movie, the sequence will start over again, and you will descend to 2000 ft. then, you will turn off the tv and continue to descend to 1000 ft. you will turn on the autopilot and continue to descend to 300 ft. you will fly through the top part of the sequence and then continue on with the sequence until you reach the end.

FSX P3D ZINNERTEK LEVELD level d 767 HD Cockpit Environment

Download Zip:

problemen met deze level vinden we ook niet. wij hopen dat deze level in de volgende versie zal worden hersteld en dat iedereen hierdoor deze level als het goede nieuws wil beschouwen. als deze level op dit moment niet meer te krijgen is, en dan nog te zien in het jageren overzicht, dan hoop ik te zien of we het wel kunnen aanpassen en beter kunnen maken

this is a complete set of zinnertek environment textures for use in fsx p3d. also included is a.p3d file which you can use as a starting point for your own custom.p3d levels. this is not the free version, this version is for commercial use only.

the.p3d file is a very simple level, its been designed for fsx p3d v2 only. if you use it for fsx p3d v1 then you may find it to be missing some things. the.p3d file is only compatible with the fsx p3d v2 editor, if you have p3d v1, you need to use the freeware zinnertek level editor available at > if you want to obtain the full package, which contains the p3d v1 compatible level as well as the freeware editor, then you need to purchase a zinnertek license. i do not make any money from this product, i just created it because i like it. thanks for viewing this page, i hope that it was of some use to you.


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