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Monster Bones Mega Motions Library DVD Truebones44


Monster Bones Mega Motions Library DVD Truebones44

Monster Bones Mega Motions Library DVD: A Review of Truebones' Motion Capture Collection

If you are looking for a large and diverse collection of motion capture files for your 3D character animation projects, you might want to check out the Monster Bones Mega Motions Library DVD by Truebones. This product contains over 2400 high-quality, clean and consistent motion capture files in BVH format, covering a wide range of actions and genres. Whether you need motions for games, animation movies, machinima, walk-throughs, simulation or any other use, you can find them in this library.

The Monster Bones Mega Motions Library DVD is compatible with many 3D character animation software such as 3ds max, Poser, Maya, Endorphin, Lightwave, MotionBuilder, iClone and more. You can easily rig your character with a Truebones skeleton and apply any of the motions without the need of re-rigging. The Truebones skeletal structure and conversion also provides useful functional enhancements such as improved ease of use and rigging ease, reduced foot through floor and odd leg movement, improved joint rotations, better iClone compatibility and more.

The Monster Bones Mega Motions Library DVD also comes with a full searchable database list of all Truebones motions, including frame rate, number of frames and motion description. This makes it easy to find the motion you need for your project. You can also backup the files on CD for archival purposes.

The Monster Bones Mega Motions Library DVD is available for $139.00 from the Truebones website[^1^]. You can also download some sample motions for free to test them out before buying. If you are looking for a great variety of motion capture files at a low price, you should definitely give this product a try.

Benefits of motion capture for 3D character animation

Motion capture has many benefits for 3D character animation, especially in terms of realism, efficiency and creativity. Here are some of the main advantages of using motion capture:

Motion capture gives instant and real-time results, reducing the need for manual keyframe animation and speeding up the production process[^4^].

Motion capture reduces the overall cost of animation in the entertainment industry, as it can create more complex and realistic movements and scenes with less time and resources[^1^] [^4^].

Motion capture allows for more flexibility and variety in character performances and personalities, as it can capture subtle expressions and gestures that might be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional animation methods[^1^] [^2^].

Motion capture enhances the quality and accuracy of animation, as it can record natural and consistent motions that match the physics and anatomy of the human body[^2^] [^3^].

Motion capture stimulates the creativity and collaboration of animators, actors and directors, as it can provide a more immersive and interactive experience for creating and visualising characters and stories[^2^].

As you can see, motion capture is a powerful and versatile tool for 3D character animation that can bring your characters to life with more realism, efficiency and creativity. ec8f644aee