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List Of Books By Miss Read

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Miss Read is actually the pseudonym of Dora Saint. She was born in London, but moved to a small village when she was a child and fell in love with the country, nature, and village life. She wanted to be a journalist, but that sort of thing was frowned on for women. She ended up teaching, marrying a fellow teacher, and being a stay at home mom for years. She tried her hand at writing stories and was finally asked to write something of more length. Her first book, Village School, was published in 1955. She wrote for twenty years under the name Miss Read before her true identity was known. She is still living, but she has retired from writing, having ended both series. Her books are still in print.

I tell anyone who will listen that Miss Read is my favorite author. Over the years, I have checked out her books from libraries in every town we lived in. Now that I can afford it, I am collecting her books. Some are new or like-new and first editions, but I am just as thrilled with library discards. Maybe even more so knowing that the books were read and loved by other Miss Read enthusiasts. Thinking she may have died, I was shocked and thrilled to see a new Thrush Green novel published in October. I fall asleep every night reading one of her books. Sweet dreams.

I have read and re-read all her books. They are pure joy and transport me to another world. I wanted to scream when I saw some nitwit write that Miss Read writes like Jan Karon, thinking that the Mitford series came first. UGH!!

absolutely my favourite auther of all times, have even visited whitney in oxfordshire which is actually thrush green. have just found out about christmas at thrush green, will be getting that. A couple of authors that i have also read are Rebecca Shaw and Rebecca Tope which are quite enjoyable but they are not Miss Read.I have spent countless hours scouring old book shops (even travelling as far as wales) just to buy Miss Read books and now they are all out in print again.I am now going to order the new christmas at thrush green book immediately.

I discovered the Miss Read books over ten years ago, and I am still hooked on them. I love reading all of the comments about her stories. I find it wonderful that so many of us enjoy the same things from her writings. Long live Dora Saint, Miss Read, and all of the Thrush Green and Fairacre characters!!

Lovely to correspond with fellow Fairacre and Thrush Green devotees! I pick up the books, read them, or sometimes just gaze at the covers whenever I need to escape back into a more polite and sympathetic society than the one we live in now. We are so lucky to have Miss Read.

Mary, thank you for letting us know. How sad that our treasured author has passed away. She has written of things in and of her time and, by doing so, she has left behind a social history that will be so important for generations to come. Her books are her legacy to us all. Thank you, Miss Read, for the countless hours of comfort and enjoyment you have given us. Yours was a life well lived. You will be truly missed.

Miss Read will be forever missed!! I love all of her books, and have reread them so many times. They are such a great pleasure for me, especially during stressful times. I can always go back to that time period and put myself there and wish I could be there forever! May you rest in peace.

I know every one is suggesting a television series and at first when I read them for the first time I did think it would be a good idea, but then what about the casting and who would they get to play Miss read (why does she have no christian name)!, or for that matter Mrs Pringle. And little Joseph Coggs he would have to age through the series. I must say I have got quite possesive about these books and I know everyone has there own interpretation of characters, my idea what Miss read looks like is in my head and not some BBC script writer who may have skimmed through the books and then miscasts.I think I prefer taking Miss Read to bed!


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