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The Lobster

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The Lobster

Visited from NY for a bachelor party and this place is so much better than most places out here, food decently priced but tastes amazing. I tried every taco they had and each one was better than the next, the burger had good flavor and the lobster was fantastic! Almost forgot to mention, they have pitchers of Margaritas!!!

The classic lobster rolls tasted like lobster rolls should taste. Excellent rolls, not too much Mayo, and the lobster was so good. And right on top was a big juicy claw. Cole slaw was top notch. The clam chowder was not notch as well. The burger was also good. It was expensive, but it was worth it. We will for sure return to the lobster shack.

"He thought people would want to see a big lobster. They usually do," the Press-Herald wrote last Friday. "Rocky, a 27-pounder caught off Cushing in 2012, had his picture in newspapers all over the country."

That makes him at least the second elderly Larry the Lobster to make headlines. In 2012, a 17-pound lobster trapped and sold in Connecticut was saved by a good Samaritan who bought him and released him into the sea. He was estimated to be at least 70.

"Maine lobster dealers do it all the time ... they ship live lobsters all over the world, but it's something that is part of their business practice and their area of expertise," he told NPR. "This was a situation where, you know, it was somebody trying to figure it out."

"The packaging method has worked in the past for others who have shipped live lobsters to the aquarium, Nichols said. But when staffers opened the box Wednesday around noon, they found a motionless crustacean and broken gel packs.

American lobster are bottom-dwelling crustaceans that are widely distributed over the continental shelf of North America. In the inshore waters of the U.S., they are most abundant from Maine through New Jersey, with abundance declining from north to south. Offshore, they occur from Maine through North Carolina. The species was previously divided into three biological stock areas which included GOM, GBK, and SNE. However, data showing evidence of significant seasonal migrations of large female lobster between GOM and GBK suggests these two stocks are not closed populations. As a result, the GOM and GBK were combined into a single biological unit (GOM/GBK).

Lobster are solitary and territorial, living in a variety of habitats as long as there is a burrow or crevice where they can take cover. They usually remain within a home range of about 5-10 square km. In offshore areas, large mature lobster make seasonal migrations inshore to reproduce. In southern inshore areas, large lobster may move to deeper, cooler waters seasonally or permanently.

Temperature is an important factor influencing lobster metabolism, spawning, development, and growth. When a female lobster extrudes eggs, temperature directly impacts the length of time the eggs are carried until hatching occurs, when surface water temperatures are above 12oC. Lobster generally avoid water temperatures below 5oC and above 18oC. Prolonged temperatures above 20.5oC can induce respiratory stress in lobster and have been shown to increase the incidence of shell disease.

The American lobster fishery is one of the most valuable fisheries along the Atlantic coast. In 2020, approximately 121.9 million pounds of lobster were landed coastwide, representing $529 million in ex-vessel value. The vast majority of these landings came from GOM/GBK, where the stock is at record high abundance. In contrast, there has been an overall decrease in the percentage of landings from the SNE stock, which is depleted and experiencing recruitment failure (Figure 1).

The GOM/GBK stock is in favorable condition based on the recommended reference points. The average abundance from 2016-2018 was 256 million lobster, which is greater than the fishery/industry target of 212 million lobster. The average exploitation from 2016-2018 was 0.459, below the exploitation target of 0.461. There


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