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Amerie Because I Love It Vol 1 Zip

Amerie Because I Love It Vol 1 Zip

Amerie Because I Love It Vol 1 Zip

Amerie's Because I Love It Vol 1: A Rare Mixtape from 2006

Amerie, the R&B singer best known for her hit single "1 Thing", released a mixtape in 2006 titled Because I Love It Vol 1. The mixtape was a precursor to her third studio album Because I Love It, which came out in 2007. The mixtape featured 15 tracks, some of which were later included on the album, and some of which were exclusive to the mixtape.

The mixtape showcased Amerie's versatile vocal style, ranging from soulful ballads to upbeat dance tracks. Some of the highlights include "Push It", a cover of Salt-N-Pepa's classic song, "Reminisce Witcha", a duet with rapper Nas, "Money in the Bank", a catchy tune about financial independence, and "Get Gone", a sassy breakup anthem. The mixtape also featured production from Rich Harrison, who worked with Amerie on her previous albums All I Have and Touch.

The mixtape was not widely distributed or promoted, and it is considered a rare gem among Amerie's fans. The mixtape is available for streaming and download on DatPiff[^1^], a website that hosts mixtapes by various artists. The mixtape can also be found on YouTube[^2^], where some of the songs have been uploaded by fans. However, there is no official release of the mixtape on CD or digital platforms.

Amerie's Because I Love It Vol 1 is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates her music or R&B in general. It is a testament to her talent and creativity as an artist, and a preview of what she had to offer on her album Because I Love It.

Although Amerie's Because I Love It album was well-received by critics and fans, it did not achieve much commercial success in the US. The album was only released in Europe and Asia, where it reached the top 20 in several countries. The lead single "Take Control" was a moderate hit, peaking at number 22 on the UK Singles Chart. The second single "Gotta Work" was less successful, reaching number 62 on the same chart.

Amerie explained that the reason for the limited release of the album was due to creative differences with her label, Columbia Records. She said that the label wanted her to make more mainstream music, while she wanted to experiment with different sounds and genres. She also said that the label did not support her vision or promote her music properly. She eventually left Columbia Records and signed with Def Jam in 2008.

Amerie's Because I Love It Vol 1 mixtape and Because I Love It album are examples of her artistic integrity and innovation. They showcase her ability to blend R&B, pop, rock, soul, and hip-hop influences into a unique and captivating sound. They also demonstrate her vocal prowess and charisma as a performer. Amerie's Because I Love It era is a hidden treasure in her discography, and deserves more recognition and appreciation from music lovers.

Since her Because I Love It era, Amerie has released two more albums: In Love & War in 2009 and 4AM Mulholland in 2018. She has also ventured into other fields, such as writing, podcasting, and motherhood. She has published two books: a young adult anthology titled Because You Love to Hate Me in 2017, and a sci-fi novel titled The Dark Blood in 2021. She has also hosted a podcast called Books & Rhymes: The Podcast, where she discusses literature and music with various guests. She has also welcomed two sons with her husband, Lenny Nicholson.

Amerie remains an influential and respected figure in the music industry, despite not being as active or popular as she once was. She has inspired many artists, such as BeyoncÃ, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, and Solange Knowles, who have cited her as an influence or paid homage to her in their music. She has also received praise and recognition from critics and peers, who have acknowledged her as one of the most underrated and innovative R&B artists of her generation.

Amerie's Because I Love It Vol 1 mixtape and Because I Love It album are essential listening for anyone who wants to discover or revisit


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