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Watch A Christmas Carol Movie in Hindi: The Benefits of Learning from Scrooge's Journey


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A Christmas Carol is one of the most famous and beloved stories of all time. It was written by the English author Charles Dickens in 1843 and has been adapted into various forms of media, including movies, TV shows, musicals, plays, and more. The story follows the transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly and cold-hearted businessman who hates Christmas and everything it stands for. On Christmas Eve, he is visited by four ghosts who show him his past, present, and future, and teach him the true meaning of Christmas.

In this article, we will explore what makes A Christmas Carol so popular in India, where Christmas is celebrated by millions of people from different religions and cultures. We will also look at how you can download A Christmas Carol movie in Hindi, one of the most widely spoken languages in India, and enjoy this timeless tale with your family and friends.

What is A Christmas Carol?

A summary of the plot and the characters of the classic novel by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol is set in London in the 19th century. The main character is Ebenezer Scrooge, a wealthy but stingy and selfish man who runs a money-lending business. He has no friends or family, except for his loyal but underpaid clerk Bob Cratchit, who has a large and poor family with six children, including a sickly son named Tiny Tim. Scrooge despises Christmas and refuses to celebrate it or share it with anyone. He rejects his cheerful nephew Fred's invitation to join him for dinner, scolds two men who ask him for a donation to help the poor, and grumbles at a group of carol singers outside his office.

On Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley, who died seven years ago. Marley warns Scrooge that he will suffer the same fate as him if he does not change his ways. Marley tells Scrooge that he will be haunted by three spirits: the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. Each spirit will show Scrooge a different aspect of his life and how his actions have affected others.

The Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge back to his childhood and youth, where he sees his happy memories with his sister Fan, his first employer Mr. Fezziwig, and his former fiancée Belle, who left him because he became obsessed with money. The Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge how other people celebrate Christmas, such as his nephew Fred, who hosts a lively party despite Scrooge's rudeness; Bob Cratchit, who makes the best of his meager feast with his loving family; and Tiny Tim, who is cheerful and hopeful despite his illness. The Ghost also reveals to Scrooge two emaciated children named Ignorance and Want, who represent the suffering caused by Scrooge's greed.

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows Scrooge what will happen if he does not change his ways. He sees that Tiny Tim has died because Bob could not afford to treat him; that his own death is met with indifference or joy by those who knew him; that his belongings are stolen by his servants; and that his grave is neglected and forgotten. Scrooge begs for mercy b70169992d


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