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Ma Bankbook

The Baldwin family papers consist of business records, journals, and some personal correspondence pertaining largely to the affairs of Luke Baldwin (b. 1797) of Boston and Brookline, and Samuel P. Baldwin of Grafton, Massachusetts. The collection includes an account book of Luke Baldwin, Jr., Boston, recording shipments of goods, 1827-1832; a letterbook of Luke Baldwin's business correspondence, Boston, 1834-1835; a daybook, with some entries by T.C.B. (Thomas Cushing Baldwin), Boston, 1843; a journal of Luke Baldwin at Brookline, recording his daily activities and weather, 1855-1856; and two farm journals, 1849-1850 and 1850-1851, of Samuel P. Baldwin, Grafton, with a few pages of accounts in the first volume for the Enameled Cloth Factory of Lynn, Massachusetts, 1838-1839. Also, a bankbook recording foreign money held by the Massachusetts Bank in account with the firm of Baldwin & Bass, 1807-1808; and miscellaneous correspondence and notes, 1851-1856, including a letter of Samuel P. Baldwin to his father, 1851; Luke Baldwin's draft notes for his journal, 1856; and an unfinished letter to his son Cushing, 1856.

Ma Bankbook

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